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Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to five sons, Alli Worthington, hosts her show built on one simple premise- bring on people she loves, respects and wants to learn from.


You will love the fun interview-style conversations followed by coaching time where Alli answers listener questions about faith, business, and life.


Alli is also the author of Breaking Busy, Fierce Faith, and The Year of Living Happy. She loves speaking at conferences about faith, business, and living life well.

Jul 7, 2019

I’m with the bold and brilliant Kat Armstrong and she tackles the role of women in the church and how we can break away from unbiblical expectations and tradition. She shares amazing insight from Scripture and women in history to inspire us to lead strong, stop hiding, and fulfill our purpose. 


In this episode we discuss:

1. Why most Christian women downplay their strengths

2. The inspiring role of women in Scripture

3. How the Church can heal and lead out in women's issues 


Favorite quotes:

1. We need both genders working together in partnership to show the watching world what it means to love God when we’re all in for Jesus.

2. We ask about women, “Is she going to be submissive?” When really the question should be “Is any Christ follower submitting to the Holy Spirit?”

3. Submission, I think, has really become the capstone ‘this is what a godly woman is like’ and I think we really have gotten away from the fact that the fruit of the spirit should be the hallmark characteristic of any Christ follower whether they are a man or woman. 


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. What is something small that I can do every day to enjoy life more? (47:56)

2. How can we keep our boys ages 2 and 4 engaged in church? (51:27)

3. What simple business truth do people not understand? (54:13)


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