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Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to five sons, Alli Worthington, hosts her show built on one simple premise- bring on people she loves, respects and wants to learn from.


You will love the fun interview-style conversations followed by coaching time where Alli answers listener questions about faith, business, and life.


Alli is also the author of Breaking Busy, Fierce Faith, and The Year of Living Happy. She loves speaking at conferences about faith, business, and living life well.

Dec 21, 2020

It’s almost Christmas, friends! On the show today, we’re going to dive into Chapter 10 from my latest book, Standing Strong

I believe this chapter, which is titled Ask For It: I’m Relearning How Prayer Really Works, is especially relevant today as we look towards 2021 and what next year may bring. This chapter specifically talks about how God told me to walk away from a job I cared about and provided financial security for my family. I also share how God revealed to me that he truly wants to partner with us in our journey and how an intentional walk with him is really the adventure of a lifetime.

And it all starts with prayer. Prayer is powerful, of course we know that. But our prayers also have the power to change God’s mind. He is always listening because he cares about us and he knows what matters to us. Inviting him along with us through prayer helps us better understand his plan for our life even when we’re resisting because we think we have it all figured out. 

As we approach the end of 2020, I challenge you to begin asking for what you need in full faith that God will give you what is best for you. 

As always, at the end of today’s episode, I share how to make it a habit to invite God into your work, your life and your relationships. I hope it makes a difference in your attitude towards prayer. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, I am including you all in my prayers this week. Merry Christmas! 

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