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The Alli Worthington Show

Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to five sons, Alli Worthington, hosts her show built on one simple premise- bring on people she loves, respects and wants to learn from.


You will love the fun interview-style conversations followed by coaching time where Alli answers listener questions about faith, business, and life.


Alli is also the author of Breaking Busy, Fierce Faith, and The Year of Living Happy. She loves speaking at conferences about faith, business, and living life well.

Mar 2, 2020

What if the breakthrough you are looking for isn't in having all the right answers--but in asking the right questions? 

What is my procrastination telling me? Why am I afraid to succeed? Will you give yourself permission to make a change? Sometimes, sitting in a powerful question is the key to success beyond anything you've ever dreamed.

Today, we are with a powerhouse woman who loves raising up other women, and she'll explain how the fear of sending out her resume at the beginning of her career blossomed into a passion to help other women overcome their deepest fears. 

Valorie Burton is the author of 13 powerful books (!!!!) and a coach to women all over the globe and she's going to help us ask the right questions to walk in our callings as talented and equipped women!


In this episode we discuss:

1. Why women struggle with perfectionism and the fear of success more than men.

2. What is positive psychology and how it impacts our everyday life.

3. Why women from Christian backgrounds struggle with the idea of success.


Favorite quotes:

1. The job of fear is to put enough doubt in us that we become paralyzed and our job is to say nope that’s not gonna happen.

2. The things that are hard now make it easier for when you reach new levels.

3. The longer I stay out of my comfort zone, the more my comfort zone expands.

4. A growth mindset is what changed me. I remember saying maybe I have not made the right choices before but that's not going to be my story. That’s not how this story is going to end. I’m going to learn what I need to learn and I’m going to unlearn the things I need to unlearn because I'm not doomed.

5. If you don’t think you don’t deserve it, then you won’t move towards it. If you don’t think it can happen, you won’t move forward. This causes procrastination in your life.


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How can I develop a positive mindset? (42:38)

2. What if different denominations believe different things? How do I know what is true? (55:32)

3. How do you market yourself well when you're just starting out in a new endeavor?  (1:01)


Links to great things we discussed:

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